Can you design a better windmill?


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Introduction - what were you investigating?
a) windmills
b) wind mills
c) We were investigating how we can power an ipod with mini windmills
d) How we could power an iPod

Prediction - will your design produce enough energy to charge an iPod for an hour in the 10 minutes you have?
a) No
b) probably not!

- What did you discover?
a) That can work
b) We can't power a ipod for an hour
c) We discovered that the smaller and less heavy spin the most
d) That our windmill was the best design

Evaluation - How would you improve your windmill design if you were doing this experiment again?
a) Make it lighter
b) make it a bit lighter!
c) We don't need too we won anyway
d) We would make it smaller

What would you like to ask a power expert about this experiment?
a) Does it really work?
b) Nothing
c) What made our design the best?
d) What made our design win?
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josh_u said...

a) Does it really work?
Yes, we know that turbines can produce electricity, see how much is produced in the UK right now at:

c) What made our design the best?
It looks to me like you have a rigid design, with good curvature on the rotor arms. It is also light. All winning features, well done!

d) What made our design win?
See answer above, and well done.