Can you design a better windmill?


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Introduction - what were you investigating?
a) How to make a fan that produces enough energy to charge a ipod
b) Which make fan makes the highest volts and milliamp
c) Which home made fan can produce the most energy
d) Which designs materials etc. could produce a wind turbine that produces the highest wattage

Prediction - will your design produce enough energy to charge an iPod for an hour in the 10 minutes you have?
a) No because the shape was bad
b) no
c) No
d) Probably not - our fan produced very little miliampsand voltage as a result this produced very little wattage

Conclusion - What did you discover?
a) Paper plate work well : )
b) Make the fan simple and easy
c) That you need a small fan for the most power
d) It is very difficult to make a wind turbine capable of producing enough energy out of paper. Industrial wind turbines are much more capable

Evaluation - How would you improve your windmill design if you were doing this experiment again?
a) Use a paper plate
b) Make it more simple
c) make it smaller
d) Probably support the fan more and give it a larger surface area

What would you like to ask a power expert about this experiment?
a) nothing
b) an easer whay to do it
c) how to make ours the best
d) No- I'm not amazingly interested in this field and I really wouldn't want to

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josh_u said...

b) an easer whay to do it
Have a look at wind farm turbine designs for some good ideas. What do you see is similar across many wind turbines?

c) how to make ours the best
It looks like your design was quite complicated, have a look at some outdoor windmills and see what they offer for design ideas.