Can you design a better windmill?


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Introduction - what were you investigating?
a) We were investigating how to conduct electrisity from wind turbines, and which one could produce the most
b) we were investigating how to make electricity from wind turbine that we made from paper, sticks and cardboard to see which windmills made the most volts or milliampas
c) we were investigating to see how much electricity our windmill can use

Prediction - will your design produce enough energy to charge an iPod for an hour in the 10 minutes you have?
a) No I don't think it will be fully charged within 10 minutes. I think if we had a little longer then it possibly would be charged.
b) No. I don't think that it will power it for a hour in ten minutes it would need more time.

Conclusion - What did you discover?
a) That wind turbines produce a lot more energy than I thorght
b) Wind turbines makes lots of energy

Evaluation - How would you improve your windmill design if you were doing this experiment again?
a) I would make it a bit bigger
b) I would make it smaller

What would you like to ask a power expert about this experiment?

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