Can you design a better windmill?


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Introduction - what were you investigating?
a) How to make a wind powered generator
b) How much power we could make using a windmill we made

Prediction - will your design produce enough energy to charge an iPod for an hour in the 10 minutes you have?
a) Yes

Conclusion - What did you discover?
a) That the smaller the turbine the more energy
b) Our fan made 0.88 volts and 8.4 mA

Evaluation - How would you improve your windmill design if you were doing this experiment again?
a) To make it smaller
b) Made it smaller

What would you like to ask a power expert about this experiment?
a) What other things can be charged by wind?
b) What shape would the perfect windmill be?

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josh_u said...

a) What other things can be charged by wind?
How about a battery, or a mobile phone, or a radio. What can you think of?

Power Engineer Expert Comment:
A large proportion of the energy consumed in your home is produced by the power of the wind. In developed countries this ration varies from 10% to 40%.

b) What shape would the perfect windmill be?
We have been using wind power for a long time which allows scientists to develop the most efficient design. Check out the difference between various windmills in Brighton e.g. Blatchington and Jack and
Jill windmills, and modern wind farm designs. What do you notice?

Power Engineer Expert Comment:
Also, the windmill design depends on the location where it is installed. So the "perfect" design for one location may not be as "perfect" for another. For example, if the wind-speeds are constant and low, you would use a windmill with large blades to capture most energy. However, if the same windmill is installed in a place with strong, high speed and varying winds, this windmill would easily break!