Can you design a better windmill?

MC1503, HSb1503

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Our Design
A combination of two windmills, one from paper plates and one from orange card in classic beach windmill design

Our Experiment
We tried these two connected in series and parallel. We got enough power to run the radio, even with just the small fan blowing!


Reading 1 Current [ 15] mA
Reading 2 Current [ 14.5] mA

Average Current = [14.75 ] mA
Windspeed at fan = [s ] ms-1
Resistance = [100 ] Ohms
Power = I * I * R (remember to convert mA to A) 0.02176

So with a windspeed of [s ] our turbine generates an average current of [14.75 ] mA delivering [21.76 ] mW so in 10 minutes it could generate [21.76 * 600 = 13053 ] mW.

If playing music on an iPod classic consumes about 77mW per second, 10 minutes of turbine time (assuming 100% energy transfer efficiency) can power [ 169.5 ] seconds of playback time, enough to listen to about [ 0.9 ] 3 minute songs.

Want to add in more turbines to make a bigger wind farm.

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