Can you design a better windmill?


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Our Design
Paper plate and coctail sticks. Flower shape.
Our Experiment
Tried it with lots of different speeds, and fans.

Reading 1 Current [10.5] mA
Reading 2 Current [11.3] mA
Reading 3 Current [11.7] mA
Reading 4 Current [11.9] mA
Average Current = [11.35] mA
Windspeed at fan = [1.7] ms-1
Resistance = [100] Ohms
Power = 0.01288w

So with a windspeed of [1.7] our turbine generates an average current of [11.35] mA delivering [12.88]mw so in 10 minutes it could generate [12.88*600] mW.

If playing music on an iPod classic consumes about 77mW per second, 10 minutes of turbine time (assuming 100% energy transfer efficiency) can power [100] seconds of playback time, enough to listen to about [0.6] 3 minute songs.

With more power, you should have less blades and more surface area. With less wind speed you might get more power than otherwise with more blades.

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