Can you design a better windmill?


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Our Design
Created an artistic windmill using green decoration and additional pieces on the sails

Our Experiment
First the cork did not turn even though the sails turned so we didn't generate electricity. We had to re-connect the cork and then it worked.

Average Current = [10.44 ] mA = 0.0104 A
Windspeed at fan = [6.8] ms-1
Resistance = [100 ] Ohms
Power = I * I * R (remember to convert mA to A) Power = 0.01081 W = 10.81 mW

So with a windspeed of [ 6.8] our turbine generates an average current of [I10.44] mA delivering [10.81 ] (convert W to mW) mW per second so in 10 minutes it could generate [6486] mW.

If playing music on an iPod classic consumes about 77mW per second, 10 minutes of turbine time (assuming 100% energy transfer efficiency) can power [ 36] seconds of playback time.


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